10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. sandy griffin

    I am moving to St. Lawrence County & am interested in joining your dog club. Please email me with how I can get involved. I am interested in agility and obedience classes/trials. Thank you!

    sandy griffin

  2. Betty Jaskowski

    Do you have classes that help with training a dog to not bite or jump on people and furniture?

    1. stlawrencevalleydogclub Post author

      Hi, Betty, Sorry about not responding until now. I took over this site from someone else and had no idea that messages could be left. An obedience class would be helpful for these problem behaviors because you will learn how to respond and train your puppy.

  3. Aletheia Johnson

    I have a new puppy she has not gotten all of her shots quite yet. We are struggling with some problem behaviors and need some help. Are there any resources or one on one trainers that can help us out. I really think she could be a great dog and is incredibly smart. I just don’t know how to make the behaviors stop before they are out of control.

      1. Aletheia Johnson

        She only just started her shots so I don’t know if she can start the classes just yet. Is there a class in late December or January she could go to?

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